You can drag widgets from dashboard and drop it here. is an independent, third-party, non-profit, academic/scientific endeavour, aimed at quality rating of both scholarly literature and scholars.

1. Where to start?

Readersourcing is a closed system. Invited users only can join and rate papers. We prefer to keep track of system activity to prevent, detect and stop "abnormal" practices and cliques. If you wish to actively partecipate within the system, you need to find some user you know and request an invitation. You can do it now, it takes just a minute. Further instructions to set up your account will come to you when you receive the invitation.

2. Interacting with the system

2.1. Browsing papers and authors

Even if you haven't received your invitation yet, you can browse papers and authors, so to find best papers and most influential authors.

2.2. Rate papers and improve your reputation

Once you become a registered user, you can actively partecipate within the system, claiming your own papers and rating papers from other authors. Doing so will improve your authority. To find out more about the system, its internals and its virtuous dynamics check out the resources page.